7 Benefits of a Steel Garage Building

The garage has always been used to store valuable items.  Over the past twenty years, the garage has become a different kind of space that adds a new level of function to a home.  Man-caves, she-sheds, studios and shops are all new incarnations of the traditional garage.

steel garage

A garage is still often used to store cars, motorcycles, boats, kayaks and other miscellaneous valuables.  A steel garage building can provide a modern touch that will add to the value of a property as well as providing shelter and protection for valuables.


A wooden garage averages $16,000 to $40,000 but can cost as much as $60,000.  A steel garage kit will run between $5,000 and $15,000.  A steel garage costs less in part because a homeowner can do part of the construction themselves with some help.

A competent do-it-yourself homeowner can build themselves a high-quality garage for much less money this way.  You will need to choose the width, length, color, doors, windows and roof style before you order a kit.

Most companies take about three weeks to create your custom kit and send it to you.  Common tools like a power drill, a ladder, a hammer and tape-measure are all you will need to construct the garage when it arrives.

Maintenance Costs

Warping, UV light damage, and cracking due to wind and rain are the most common ways that a wooden framed building can be damaged.  Steel frames, on the other hand, can withstand intense wind (up to 170 mph) and will not warp or crack.

Wood buildings are prone to rodent or insect infestations.  Termite damage can be very expensive and can lead to the replacement of damaged portions of the structure.  Steel materials are not friendly to rodents or insects and will not be at risk for this type of damage.

Wooden structures burn quickly if a fire is started because the wood contains sugars and proteins and cellulose that combine with the oxygen in the air, feeding the blaze.  Steel frame buildings are fire resistant and will not contribute to the spread of a fire.

Customize Your Steel Building

You can customize your building in various ways by choosing door styles, type of insulation, wainscoting and roof style.


There are many uses for a steel garage structure. A combination garage and carport can give you the ability to customize the size of the space for larger vehicles.  Some items will not fit in a regular garage and need a carport option to protect them.

The same styling can protect animals or feed from the weather.  An insulated building like this can also provide an extension of your home.  It provides space for a shop or a man-cave.

Easy to Care For

Steel is easy to care for. Stains, bird droppings, dirt and other offal can be easily cleaned off of a steel building.  Soapy liquid and a pressure washer are all you need to keep your steel building looking great. Wooden structures require scrubbing, and application of paint or stain.

Paint and stain only last so long and have to be re-applied frequently.  Steel has the additional benefit of not being susceptible to mildew and mold.


Steel is resistant to blizzards, heavy downpours, high winds and even earthquakes.  Steel buildings are required to adhere to OSHA safety standards and are therefore strictly reviewed for structural soundness and quality materials.


Steel offers protection from rain, wind, snow and also brings with it peace of mind.  Modern steel buildings are insulated, fabricated carefully and can be purchased in easy to construct kits.

A steel building can be a great investment in many ways and for many uses.