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5 Benefits of Steel Garage Doors

A steel garage door can impart many benefits.  Safety, security, durability, attractiveness, safety and security all are attributes of a steel garage door.

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The following list is not listed in order of importance as different home owners have different priorities.


The initial cost to buy and install a steel garage door is typically less than other materials such as wood.  The steel door will last much longer than a wood or synthetic door and it will require less maintenance over the years while continuing to look new.

Galvanized steel doors will not rust nor will they rot. Arid climates will not take as much of a toll on a garage door as wet environments but steel is still better at surviving harsh sun and heat.

Built-In Beauty

Steel doors are easy to mold or stamp with attractive shapes and designs.  They can also have any type of window panel inserted into them.  The metal can be made to mimic any other material’s texture.

The door can also be painted any color and it will need less frequent paint touch ups than a door of any other material.  A door that is matched to the house will always up curb appeal of the home and can be very helpful when selling a home.

Energy Efficiency

Steel garage doors are made to be well insulated.  The door is built like a sandwich with multiple layers so you can select how much insulation you want the door to have.  Low quality doors will allow your garage to become hot in summer and cold in winter which ups heating and cooling costs for the entirety of your home.

Additionally, a garage being used as a shop will be much easier to keep at a consistent temperature with a high-quality door that is insulated.

Safety and Security

Steel garage doors are much stronger than most other materials.  Anyone trying to break into a garage with a steel door will find that the door does not have any of the weak spots that fiberglass, wood or composite doors have.

A steel door is also much safer in the event of a house fire because it will not burn and will therefore provide a means to escape the home safely.

Low Maintenance

One of the best features of a steel door is that it is both strong and lightweight.  Because it is not as heavy as other types of doors, it puts less strain on the opener. The door itself needs less maintenance and it imparts the benefit of being less likely to wear out its related parts as well.