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My Garage Door is Dented: What do I do?

A dented garage door can be a source of concern.  How much will it cost to fix? Will you have to replace the whole door?

dented garage door

Before you call a professional, you may be able to fix the damage yourself.

What is Your Door Made of?

Wooden doors that are splintered or have been gouged can likely be fixed with a professional’s skill.  If your door is made of stainless steel or aluminum, small dents can be repaired with the correct tools, method and materials.

Is the Damage Significant?

Things like a bike running into the door or a basketball hitting the door hard can make a small dent.  If something as big as a car hits the door, the entire garage door panel might be bent rather than simply dented.

Dents can be repaired most of the time but a door that is bent entirely will almost always have to be replaced.

Steel Dent Repair

Stainless steel dents can be repaired with steel door or auto body filling compound.  The door’s surface must be washed with dish soap and water.  Once the area has dried, the dent needs to be sanded.

The filling compound will tell you what grit you need to sand with.  The filling compound can be filled using a putty knife.  When the putty dries, sand again with a finger grit of paper and then paint the spot to match the rest of the door.

Aluminum Dent Repair

This is the easiest material to fix.  You will need to use water and dish soap again to clean the area.  Use only one drop of dish soap.  Let the area dry.  Measure a section of tinfoil and place it over the dent with some tape.

Use a heat lamp and hold it over the tinfoil for a minute to heat the dented area.  Remove the foil and immediately apply condensed air across the area.  The abrupt change in temperature will cause the dent to be reversed as the material cools.