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How an Insulated Garage Door Can Keep Your House Warm in Cold Weather

During the cooler part of the year, homeowners want to keep the cold out and warm air in.  Insulated walls and space heaters can only do so much.  If your garage door is not insulated, warm air will leak outside.  This escape of warm air can greatly increase the amount of money a homeowner will have to spend on heat.

insulated garage door

The following are some benefits of installing an insulated garage door.

Protect Your Tools

Freezing temperatures in your garage can damage tools, vehicles or anything else that you are keeping in your garage.  Items that have water in them such as a power washer, could freeze or crack.

Fuel in lawnmowers and other machines can turn sludgy and destroy or damage the item.

Save Energy

Your home’s garage door is the first line of defense between your home and the cold temperatures outside. Studies have shown that a home with an insulated garage door will experience seventy percent of the heat loss that a home with an uninsulated door will experience.

An insulated door will also block cold air from entering the garage because the door will have the benefit of polyurethane insulation and sealed air gaps.

Extend Your Car Battery Life

Car batteries are most reliable at a temperature range of thirty to ninety degrees.  An insulated door can keep your car battery in peak condition.

Durable and Quiet

Insulated garage doors are usually made of steel. The steel is made with sandwich construction filled with polyurethane between both layers of steel.  Higher levels of R-value in the insulation will provide better protection from the elements. Better quality insulation also helps to prevent the door from being dented or damaged.

The insulation in the door will also dampen the vibration of the door and will reduce street noise.  The noise protection will be of added value if you have living spaces near or above the garage.

Get an Inspection

Winter is the best time to have a professional come inspect your garage door.  The professional will be able to tell if your door is at risk for freezing or losing function due to the cold.

They will also be able to check the springs, the weather stripping and the lubrication of the moving parts.  Additionally, they can replace the batteries in the door remote and the keypad.