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Making a Garage Bar for Your Home

A garage bar can be a great way to add value to your home and a fun space to enjoy with friends. How to do it?  Here is how to do it.

garage bar

What you Need

Besides a bit of vision, a space to create your garage bar and some time, you will need to decide what style you wish to build your bar in and you will need to think about the scale of the end result.

You will need to choose from several materials that are commonly used.  2x4s, plywood, and pallets can be effective and make a very neat bar.  These materials will cost little and will not require you to have woodworking skills.

A few basic tools like a nail gun, a caulk gun, nails and a table saw will usually be all that you need. Pallets are a great way to create the bar itself because they are easy to attach a fun topper to.  Plywood makes a great basic topper for the bar and if you or someone you know is good with paint, it is a friendly surface to create some art on.

Lastly, you will need some stain or sealant to protect the bar from spills and moisture in the garage itself.  Acrylic clear coats will protect art and create a high gloss finish.

How High Should You Raise the Bar?

There are a few standard sizes for a bar.  The height of the stools will be predicated by the height of the bar itself.  Most bars are 42 inches high.  The average bar stool should be about 30 inches tall.

The bar top should be about 15-20 inches and if you want to build a foot rail, you will want it to be about ½- ¾ of a foot off the ground.

These are just guidelines but you would not want to deviate significantly from these standard measurements.